Awareness Of Save Darfur Groups at All Time High

(March 31, 2013)

BOSTON – Save Darfur student groups at universities across Suffolk County proudly report that they believe awareness of their message is at an all time high.  By distributing thousands of bumper stickers to friends and family, wearing customized silicon wristbands, and restlessly updating both Facebook and Twitter accounts, these students have rightfully won themselves a lot of attention.

Suzie McCormick, president of the Northeastern Students for Darfur club, expressed how proud she is of all the awareness they’ve been able to spread.  “It’s really incredible what people can achieve when they work together.  Over the past two weeks we’ve been able to distribute over 600 stickers and gross more than $250 in donations and baked good sales.  If we keep focused, I believe that we can begin reaching out to local communities, making sure that they are also aware.”

The accomplishments headed by McCormick are just a fraction of the efforts visible throughout Boston, though.  Public parks echo with the beat of Chinese manufactured African tribal drums, played by young activists who proudly display their cultural awareness.  They, like many others, want to make sure that the pleas for help from the men, women, and children of Darfur are being heard.

One young leader who is known by his alias, Faith, discussed his views on the recent initiatives.  “If we can share love there will be less hate.  It’s beautiful how everyone is uniting against this oppression in Darfur because now so many more people will know that someone needs to do something about it.”

Moments later, after spitting on a police officer that arrived at the scene due to a noise complaint, the crowds cheered as Faith screamed out messages of hope and change while being pulled into a squad car.

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