Iowa State University Offers Course for Practical Work Experience

AMES – Graduating an average of one million students every year, the United States’ college community is unmatched when it comes to output.  However, many employers – and students – have become concerned that college curricula are not teaching the practical knowledge necessary to being an asset in a work place.

ISU’s administration has been aware of this concern for some time now, but not until the spring semester of 2013 did they take action.  After much deliberation with their career staff of pseudo intellectuals – who decades earlier had been employed in their respective industries – the university now requires their last year students to take the new course, HF432 – Advanced Concepts in Practical Work Experience.

“Thanks to our seniors having years of textbook trauma under their belts, they will best be able to pass exams covering practical concepts that we will be hypothesizing on during class – saving them years of actual work that professionals take to internalize this stuff”, said Hospitality Dean Denise Walters.  “This way, students will be lectured in class on the invaluable knowledge and wisdom that only first hand workplace experience can deliver.”

Nearing the end of the courses first semester, students optimistically report the experience they’ve gained.  As one ISU graduating senior said it, “I never knew how fairly employees are treated, how great unions are, or that I can effectively handle workplace disputes by filing a complaint with my supervisor.  Thanks to the HF432 course, I now feel like I’m more aware of the standard behaviors that are consistent throughout different industries and thousands of un-identical companies.”

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