Suspicious Package Left Outside Goodwill Unites Community

BOSTON – At 8:00am this morning a local Boston resident reported suspicious activity outside the Goodwill store on Commonwealth Avenue.  After witnessing a middle-aged woman back her car and unload a large cardboard box at the store’s entrance before casually driving off, the resident alerted local Boston Police.


Following protocol, Boston University’s West Campus was evacuated and all businesses within a five-mile radius were forced to close until the package had been investigated.  Furthermore, text messages and emails were sent to inform students that:


“(SWN 1/2) Boston PD is investigating an unattended package at 850 Commonwealth Ave. Boston PD and BUPD on scene. From Packard’s Corner to the GSU has been closed.  Avoid the area until you are updated further.”


While students contacted their parents in panic and ordered food delivery to avoid going outside, many took the higher road. Facebook and Twitter erupted with updates from passionate students declaring that events like these only make them proud to live in a city that on any normal day they bitch about how graduation seems to far away.  As one message that was re-Tweeted over 1000 times read,

“I’m so proud to live in such a resilient and strong city where acts like this don’t get us down.  We will find out what is in that package! #Strong #Boston”


Hours later when police approached and investigated the package, it was discovered to be non-threatening to civilians – just filled with old clothing.  Out of pure patriotism to the city they love, and thanks to the officers protecting their safety, students flooded into the streets and liquor stores to celebrate their triumph of surviving another day in Boston.


Recent News:

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