Kobe Bryant Depicted as a Demigod at Basketball Hall of Fame

SPRINGFIELD, MA – Lakers fans were stunned when they witnessed Kobe Bryant having fallen, clutching his ankle in agony at the end of last month’s game.  Bryant, who tore his left Achilles tendon while playing against the Golden State Warriors, was thought to be invincible by both supporters and enemies.  “Whether it was on the court or in a court, no one could defeat Bryant”, stated a downcast Mike D’Antoni – LA Lakers Head Coach.  “After fighting through five NBA Championships and fighting off rape charges, who would have thought that an ankle injury would take him out of the game, you know?”  While many mourn the indefinite loss of one of their greats, the Basketball Hall of Fame has commissioned the famous artist John B. Andelin to sculpt a marble relief depicting Bryant as the demigod Achilles – the fiercest warrior in Greek mythology who whose only vulnerability was his heel tendon, as well.  “We can only hope that like Achilles, Bryant’s unmatched talent for his sport is glorified over of all the other things he had done – setting an example for everyone that if you are good enough at what you do, you can pretty much get away with anything.”


In Other News:  

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–       Linebacker Sues NFL for Head Trauma, Claiming that Their Negligence Now Prevents Him From Pursuing All His Other Multi-Million Dollar Careers

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