Man Refuses to Use Technology Because “It’s Way To Unreliable”

CHARLOTTE, NC – Automation has taken over modern living.  For social, shopping, and business alike, technology is now the stitching which joins together the fabrics of society.  At the same time, when most of us enjoy the convenience that technologies offer, many remain skeptical of their true value.  Since no technologies are perfect, and most occasionally malfunction, senior citizen Patrick Dunfey says that he “won’t use modern technologies because they’re way too unreliable, unlike people”.  A former United States Postal Service employee, Dunfey prefers doing things the old fashion way.  Instead of foolishly relying on ineffective computers that sometimes stop working and don’t do what you want them to do, he depends on the average American.  “How am I to be positive that an email is going to get delivered?  Or that no random person is going to open my emails?” mentioned Dunfey while explaining why he only sends hand written letters and postcards via USPS.  He further stated that a person never knows if a flight is going to be delayed or if planes will breakdown – the reason he strictly travels by only boat and train.


In Other News: 

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