Chopped Contestant Worries That Having Living Parents Will Work Against Him In Competition


TUCSON, AZ – With Chopped contestants moving into their final week of eliminations, the competition is as hot as the ranges.  Now only three chefs are left standing, all tense with excitement of potentially being the winner of $50,000 and chef stardom.


One of these three competitors, Chef Eric Young, doubts that he has what it takes to be the winning chef – paying close attention to the criteria by which the judges have been assessing the competition.


“I cook great food.  Just as good as, if not better that, any of the other chefs here”, Young said during an on scene interview.  “What I don’t have, though, is a dead parent whose memory tears me up on camera when I talk about how proud they’d be if they could see what I’ve become.”


Young feels that the other chef’s season their food with tears more than spices.  While the judges eat the crap that these others cook, he says they are also eating the crap that pours from these chef’s melodramatic mouths.


“I’ve worked in quite a few kitchens, and one things certain.  If a customer ever criticized my food, the last thing I’d do is breakdown in tears and explain how my abuela taught me this recipe and it’s hard for me to cook it without her by my side”, angrily stated Young.


Unfortunately, later that day Young was eliminated during the competitions dessert round.  Even though his Baumkuchen – one of the worlds most difficult desserts to make – was absolutely superb, judge Guarnaschelli believed that he didn’t have the same potential as the other chefs did, lacking spirit and passion in his excellent culinary skills.

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