Perverts and Online Daters Misinterpret Craigslist Ad

shutterstock_92612956BOSTON – Having just graduated college on Friday, Northeastern student Rachel Coleman was excited to be moving out of her current apartment and relocate to New York City.  Recognizing that she’d need help with the move, Coleman decided to post an ad on Craigslist seeking help with moving out and packing up her apartment.  Her ad received many responses; unfortunately, though, none of them had to do with helping her move.  Coleman’s post’s title – which read “Young Girl With a lot of Baggage in Need of Big Strong Man!” was largely misinterpreted by Craigslist daters and online perverts alike.  Bombarded by dozens of emails, Coleman’s inbox was being populated with responses subjected, “[I] Can Be Your Man”, “Send Me Pics”, “Have You Thought of Girls?” and “My Shoulder is Here for You”.  Taking down the ad immediately after she realized her mistake, Coleman commented to reporters that she “probably should have thought twice about the title”, and “maybe should have put a longer description in the ad beside her phone number and, “Message me if interested”’.  While Coleman was seriously disturbed by the event, all the individuals who responded to her refused to give reporters any details besides pictures of themselves from the neck down – which they had readily available.


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