Anti-Semitic News Anchor Released from Jail After Proving his Faith

shepard-smith-300NEW YORK CITY – On Easter day, well known news anchor Gerald Levi was taken into custody after saying an anti-Semitic comment during a live news report.  Following yesterdays hearing at a downtown courthouse, Levi’s charges were dismissed after Judge Stein had been convinced the defendant was in fact Jewish.


Levi’s comment brought much negative attention upon the news network.  His reference to a community church offering free ham on Easter as a “Jews Catch 22” immediately jeopardized his reputation, and very possibly, his career.


Fortunately though, by exposing his genitalia to the jury and dancing the Mezinke with perfect technique, the court felt it had sufficient evidence to conclude that Levi was Jewish himself, thus making his slandering comment completely acceptable.


“In a world as sensitive as our own, one cannot be too careful when dealing with racial and religious issues”, said Judge Stein in an interview following the verdict. “While we must stay firm against discrimination among people of different races and faith’s, we find no reason to reprimand self-deprecating humor within those groups.”


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8 responses to “Anti-Semitic News Anchor Released from Jail After Proving his Faith

  1. What the hell? What was he arrested for? If everyone who made anti-Semitic comments was arrested, our jails would be overflowing. This story doesn’t ring true …

  2. You friggin people are nuts with your racial crap.We have troops dying for Muslim’s that want to kill us and some dumb Axx is worried about slurs !

    • Jews are not immune from scrutiny just because they suffered at the hands of Nazis. The American Christian’s neck is under the boot of many a secular Jew. As someone once pointed out the obvious, one reason that there is antisemitism is because there is semitism.

  3. I agree. Showed two pictures, neither of which was this supposed well known news anchor. They don’t arrest you for make stupid comments. Just look at MSNBC.

    • Are you and carl accusing me of fabricating this satirical news report out of thin air? As if it never actually happened and Gerald Levi did in fact NOT show his penis to the jury?!

  4. Hate isn’t acceptable regardless of who it’s directed at. Since the begining of time tens of millions of people have been murdered. At the present time, all over the world, people are being murdered for no good reason. There is no shortage of people in the media field. Anyone who lies about facts to undermine the Government or individuals should be permanently removed . It is digraceful that so many hate mongers are on the air and the internet.

  5. very funny story.. read all of the page before ranting.. “released after exposing himself” wait for it… oooohhhhhhhhhh. satire people… review the defintion, I have been caught by talented writers myself.

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