Self Indulgent Mother Doesn’t Want to Spoil her Son

tamara_ecclestoneMIAMI, FL – Gabriella Rodriguez Steinberg (24) and her new husband Bradley Steinberg (56) constantly worry like all dedicated parents do over whether or not they are raising an over-indulged and spoiled son.  Due to Mr. Steinberg’s line of business keeping him away from home most of the year, the responsibility of rearing their 7-year-old son largely falls upon Gabriella’s dainty shoulders.  “I grew up in a very poor Colombian household and believe it’s important to teach ones children that they can’t have everything they want whenever they want it”, commented Gabriella on Tuesday morning at a local beauty salon & spa.  “That’s why whenever Renaldo [son] is begging for my love and attention, I’ll call up my girlfriends to go get drinks.”  Coming from her impoverished background, Gabriella has a deep understanding of how tough love shapes a child’s character.  “If there is something he wants, he needs to learn how to earn it himself!  That’s why I never put his real fathers child support checks into Renaldo’s savings account.  If he thought that he didn’t have to work and would always have someone their supporting him, what kind of person would he become?!”  At press time Gabriella was seen purchasing a new red Audi A7 convertible, which sources confirmed was for Renaldo to learn to drive in once he turns 16.


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