Man Commits Suicide By Turning On Car Radio in Closed Garage to NPR

CrimeSceneCleanupDetroit15ATLANTA, GA – Earlier this morning local social worker Jeremy Boise was found dead in the garage of his suburban home. Authorities have confirmed that Boise’s death was a suicide. However, his motive remains unknown. His body was discovered by his next door neighbor [John] who while walking his dog heard Boise’s car running behind a closed garage door and loud voices that seemed to be complaining. Walking into his neighbors home to make sure nothing was wrong, John soon discovered Boise laying unconscious beside his car. “Immediately I ran towards the body hoping that I could save him, but before I could reach him I began to feel lightheaded and nauseous from the radio station”, John said to reporters. After inspecting the scene, investigators confirmed that Boise had, “Closed himself in his garage and laid down next to his car’s exhaust pipe, causing him to suffer from internal brain hemorrhaging after tuning his car radio to NPR news station.” Once the crime scenes investigation ended, John was hospitalized to ensure his health had not been jeopardized by the toxic sounds.

In Other News:
– Long Rubber Band Saves Mans Life from Suicide Attempt off Bridge
– Obama’s Assisted Suicide Program Reportedly “Killing It”
– Long Debrief on Benghazi Attack Includes Over 30 Bullet Points

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