Maryland Behavioral Specialist on Bestiality Charges Pleads Innocent

Screen-Shot-2013-05-12-at-10.27.18-PM-560x313BALTIMORE, MA – Earlier last month Stephanie Mikles, 45, a behavioral specialist for Harford County Public Schools, was indicted for “unnatural or perverted sexual practice(s)”.  However, Mikles was arrested earlier this year after child advocacy center officers had searched her home and discovered pictures and video footage of her having sex with her family dog.


Out of jail on a $5,000 bond, Mikles is facing up to 10-years in prison and a $1,000 fine if convicted.  In hopes of saving her career, integrity, and reputation, though, she has pleaded innocent to all charges, claiming that she was “completely unaware that her dog had been filming their various sexual encounters that took place in August 2008”.


Currently under house arrest and facing up to 1-year in a kennel or being put to sleep, the family dog has been advised by his attorney to remain silent for the time being.  However, sources report having seen the dog with his tail between his legs after being reprimanded by Mikles husband.


Furthermore, the dogs attorney recently released an official statement, claiming that due to his clients “lack of disposable thumbs” and “less than rudimentary knowledge in filming and photography”, it is highly improbable that he would have been able to record Mikles and his intimate moments without at least some of her help.


In Other News:

–       Man Accused of Being Sexist Rebuttals by Saying that “That’s Such a Woman Thing to Say”

–       Mikles’ Children Reportedly Still Love Both the Dog and Their Mother

–       Hartford County Believes to Have Found the Cause of Odd Behavior Amongst Public School Students

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