Shopaholic Only Does it to Look Her Best for Husband

tumblr_lxoiqfBi5x1qhptl1o1_500NEW YORK, NY – Early last week Upper East Side resident Joella Rosenberg was spotted at Barneys New York purchasing over $15,000 in designer goods.  While in line to buy her new $4000 Proenza Schouler Python bag, thousands of dollars worth of fragrances, and the latest pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes, Joella told reporters that she, “only spends this kind of money because she wants to look her best for her husband.”  Complaining that Mr. Rosenberg rarely gives her guidance in how he’d like he to dress – always saying, “you look great, honey”, regardless of her outfit choice – Joella constantly finds herself shopping in Manhattan’s most respected retail stores with hopes of finding an outfit that will really make her husband go crazy.  “With the amount of stress that he is under at work, I don’t want him to have to worry about whether or not I’m looking my best when we go out to dinner or I take him to social events”, Joella told reporters.  At press time, sources learned from Mr. Rosenberg that on multiple occasions he has told Joella that he thinks she looks best in blue; however, she currently owns no blue garments.

In Other News:

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–       Economist Shows that Goods Made in America are More Expensive to Help Offset Shipping Costs

–       President Lowers Unemployment Rate by Considering Housewives to be Employed

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