NFL Linebacker Sues League for Limiting his Career Options

SAN FRANSISCO, CA – Feeling as though he had not been properly warned of Untitled-22the dangers present when constantly being tackled abnormally large men, former 49ers running back Tyrone Lamont has filed a suit against the league claiming that, “the head trauma he incurred throughout his professional career was the result of negligence on the leagues part and has severely limited him from pursuing his other multimillion dollar career opportunities.”  Having never attended college and currently broke after a year unemployed, Lamont claims that if the NFL had more clearly explained to him that football is a very, very violent sport where a player is highly like to sustain lifelong injuries, he would have likely denied the $4,000,000 a year contract at age 22 and pursued the other multimillion dollar opportunities he had in Inglewood, CA.  Arguing that the brain damage Lamont incurred has not only limited his future but caused him to engage in reckless spending, fathering ten children, and acquire a rape charge during his career, his lawyer believes that they have enough evidence to have the league support him, and Lamont, for the rest of their lives.
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