Samsung Galaxy S4 Feature Helps Save Relationships by Concealing Information

imagesRIDGEFEILD PARK, NJ – Ever since Samsung’s release last months of the Galaxy S4, consumers nation wide have been raving about the smart phones cutting edge capabilities.  Being mainly recognized for the new eye-tracking feature – which saves users time by scrolling though articles automatically once the reader’s eyes near the bottom of the page – early users have said that one of the less publicized features of the phone is what truly makes it a worthy investment.  The feature being referred to is the Partner Facial Recognition Feature.  P.F.R.F. allows S4 users to program their partner or spouses face into their smart phone and enforce security settings on what that person is able to see.   “It’s pretty much like parental control settings for your lover”, said Jonathan Busset, Samsung’s head of conceptual design.  “If you are having an affair with your secretary or a girlfriend wont leave you the hell alone, just enter the names and numbers of the people whose communications you want to keep secret and stop worrying.  From then on out, every time the phone recognizes your partners face it will temporarily delete any sensitive data until they put the phone back down.”  While the feature is still a 1st generation technology it has proven extremely effective in helping sustain inevitably doomed relationships and has opened a new world of possibilities for program designers.  As of yesterday, Sony leaked intentions to offer an upgrade that would allow users to delete their text and call records in emergency situations by loudly saying, “No sweetheart, you’re the only one I ever think about and call”, as well as offer a new feature that would constantly send out short generic messages that infer affection to their partner(s) through out the day.


In Other News:

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