Progressive Comedian Pushes the Envelope with Comedy


John Thaxter

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Americans are known for their ambition.  Known for their progressive attitude of constantly pushing the envelope to test the limits of society.  Edgy individuals like Howard Stern bravely fought against the culturally accepted standards of the entertainment industry.  Exposing Americans to a truer image of themselves.  People like him, those who expose the uncensored depths of human nature, are the ones who we may thank for the rich profanity, nudity, and seemingly moral-less entertainment that we enjoy today.


As of late there has been a new star on the rise.  One who, like others before him, is set on taking the craft of comedy to the next level.  Without shame he entertains his audience by showcasing the most fowl aspects of humanity, and the masses love him for it.  His name is John Thaxter, but you most likely know him by his stage name, “The Stinker”.


Born in Memphis, TN, Thaxter first discovered his passion for comedy at 13 after watching the Austin Powers movies.  “This is comedy!” he remembers telling himself, “I wasn’t sure what was coming next, but I knew I wanted to be apart of it”.  A few years later after the Dumb and Dumber movies were released, Thaxter knew that comedy had been changed forever.  Just like Jurassic Park enlightened its audiences with the incredible possibilities of using special effects, Dumb and Dumber brought Americans to a different appreciation of comedy.


“At that point in my career I was mainly trying to write jokes but had little success”, said a noticeably bloated and slightly sweaty Thaxter during a recent interview.  “But after watching Dumb and Dumber – with my first introduction to comedy being Austin Powers – it was clear to me what the next big thing in comedy was going to be, and I was going to get there first!”


Now, Thaxter doesn’t waste hours every day trying to write jokes.  No longer does he bleed ink into paper.  Instead, he simply eats excessive amounts of legumes covered in hot spices so that he is able to effortlessly, and constantly, fart directly into the microphone.  “It is not the healthiest of life styles”, he commented, “But you know what they say, “the show must go on!””


His current tour is sold out in six major US cities nation; however, due to demand, he has extended his Articulate Anus tour dates well into the fall.  Buy your tickets now if you even hope to get a seat.  For once again, American’s have discovered a prodigy.


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