Business Student Aspires to Be an Investment Banker, Venture Capitalist, Hedge Fund Manager, or Something like that…

imagesBOSTON, MA – Last Sunday at the Intercollegiate Career Fair in Boston students gathered in business attire to network with potential employers.  Amongst the crowds though was one particularly impressive student, Johnathan Schwaller, whose ambition was much more clearly stated than his peers.  When talking with recruiters, Schwaller confidently explained that his career interests lay in finance and that he would not be adverse to opportunities having to do with investment banking, venture capital, hedge fund management, or something else like that…  Having come from a “business minded family” as he put it, Schwaller feels that his self accredited type-A personality, self-starter attitude, and good looks will really make him an asset in any high level business environment.  Even though he has not performed academically to be considered for such positions, Schwaller finds himself to be much better dressed than his competition, as well as the type of guy you’d want to hang out with – which he has before been told is nearly half the battle.  Therefore, last week he purchased a new suit, shoes, and tie to look his best for the fair and did not bring copies of his resume so that he wouldn’t seem desperate to recruiters.

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