Islamic Leaders Engage in a Peace Talk in Afghanistan

TALIBAN AMBASSADOR TO PAKISTAN ZAEEF LISTEN TO JOURNALISTS' QUESTIONS IN ISLAMABADKABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Leaders of various groups who follow the religion of peace recently declared that they might be ready to consider the idea of possibly talking to one another regarding the latent topic of potentially realizing peace amongst their groups.  Thus, after developing the idea into a concept, upon which they decided to plan an action, a meeting place and time was decided upon.  Under the protection of their snipers these religious and military leaders of Islam met in an open area of the desert near Kabul, consequentially having a heated argument concerning whether or not they should stop fighting with one another.  With gusto each leader yelled at the others his steadfast love and devotion to Allah and his people, clearly threatening those who dared to not act in accordance with his interpretation of the Qur’an.  However, after hours on end the only thing the leaders ended up agreeing on is that their interests and beliefs would most likely be best served if they were to simply keep fighting the way they have been for centuries.   Furthermore, after the negotiations had ended Taliban lead Baitullah Mehsud said to those in attendance, “هذه المحادثة كانت رائعة وذات مغزى!” – which translates to, “great talk!”


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