Welfare Recipient Reprimands Son for Giving Money to Beggars

beggar-14-500x409NEW YORK, NEW YORK – While on her way to the Department of Family Services office, welfare recipient Brittany Ewell was seen reprimanding her son after he had given a beggar some change from his pocket.  “I bet you think you did him a real favor”, she said to her son in a demeaning tone.  “Little do you know that you probably just supported the mans bad habits that got him on the streets in the first place!”  Slightly shocked and seemingly embarrassed, her 9-year-old son made an effort to justify his action by explaining to his Mom that he had taken the time to read the beggars sign, where he learned that the man had a family to support, recently lost his job, and was hungry.  With absolute confidence though, Ewell assured her son while chuckling at his innocence that, “that’s what all of them say”, as well as that “giving them money for doing nothing makes them less likely to try to find a job – they believe that other people will always take care of them!”  However, after calming down and remembering that her son is only 9, Ewell took a knee to look him straight in the eyes before saying, “even though that man may seem like he needs your help, it’s likely that his own bad decisions are what got him to where he is now – he could be a drunk, druggy, smoker, or criminal, who knows!”  At press time, sources reported Ewell arguing with the DFS office that having to pass a drug test to pick up her welfare check was unconstitutional.

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