New AirMat® Designed to Not Get in the Way of Your Workout

SEATTLE, WA – On the 5th floor of Seattle’s Wells Fargo Center designers at the Kuhl Fitness Company have finished modeling their newest product that will be available in stores and online at the end of the month.  Reportedly a breakthrough in fitness technology, the product has been said to be a purchase that will allow users to maximize their fitness potential.  Its name, is the AirMat®.


The AirMat®


The AirMat® is designed to be as un-invasive as possible to an athletes workout space – being nearly unnoticeable at first glace.  Constructed out of a clear urethane composite material, the AirMat® is only 1/16th of an inch thick.  This makes it the most lightweight mat on the market, as well as the only one that’s nearly invisible.


“Due to the mat being so thin, we originally had trouble creating enough friction to keep people from slipping off it”, commented design team member at Kuhl, Travis Larson.  “That’s why we ended up using the 1/16th inch urethane composite since it mimics the texture of the ground beneath it.  This way whether you are on a hardwood floor or even asphalt, it is like the mat wasn’t even there”


The man who dreamt of the AirMat® concept was Kuhl’s head of design Johnathan Wiley.  “After years of using mats to do my exercises on top of I began to feel like all the mats available were too big and bulky”, Wiley said to reporters at a product launch party.  “So I took some time to brainstorm and soon realized that if we could make a mat that is extremely light, adaptable to its environment, and practically invisible, it would perfectly suit athletes true needs – a mat that literally isn’t there.”


Additionally, Wiley reported that if the technology proves popular amongst consumers, they will look into designing abdominal-belts, Shake-Weights, as well as Vibraslims.


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