Google Glass Marks First Period in History Where Wearing Glasses Can Help Get You Laid

google-project-glass-augmented-reality-glasses-pair-0404-590x327SILICON VALLEY, CA – Employees and executives at Google, Inc. are rejoicing in their achievement of bringing to market one of the first ever truly augmented reality glasses, the Google Glass.  With the capability of displaying directions, receiving, reading, and responding to text messages, as well as video and picture features, the Google Glass is truly a promising technology.  However, the most appreciative recipients of this product are the millions of nerds world-wide who will now be cooler thanks to wearing glasses for the first time in history, with the potential of even getting laid because of their eyeware.  By simply ordering the Google Glass with prescription lenses, many of the worlds passionate techies will soon become the sexy cyborgs they’ve always dreamed of being – which reportedly they imagine chicks dig.  As one product tester for the Glass put it, “No one would ever notice me before I had Google Glass.  But now when I walk down the street, girls and guys just can’t keep their eyes off me”.  After weighing out the possible reasons for the attention, he and his friends agree that it must be that they everyone just finds the optics irresistible.

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