College Girl Fed Up with Being Talked About By Foreigners

295eb571BOSTON, MA – Dressed up in her finest attire and heading to a friends pregame, college student Grace Speranza was walking to the elevator when three male peers came out of a nearby apartment and joined her waiting in the hall.  While talking joyfully amongst themselves in Spanish with the occasional laugh followed by a nudge, the men barely seemed to notice she was even there.  However, all that Grace could think about was what could possibly be so amusing about her appearance.  Immediately questioning whether or not she looked slutty wearing her slip and stilettos, her attention became fixed on trying to understand what the Spaniards were saying about her – even though she did not understand Spanish.  While listening to the men say things like, “¿Cómo es tu mamá?”, and “también te gusta quesedillas!”, Grace became astounded by how rude they were for talking about her like that when they weren’t sure whether or not she could even understand them.  “If they think I look like a stupid slut they should just say it to my face!”, argued Grace to her friends later at the pregame.  “They are nothing but cowards hiding behind their words when it’s completely obvious what they are talking about.”  Once the elevator reached the lobby, Grace gave the men a violent stare just after hearing one of them say, “hoy es mi abuelo cumpleaños”, just so they’d know that even though she didn’t know what they were saying, they’d know she knew it was undoubtedly about her.


In Other News:

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