Father Explains to School Teacher Why Religion is Like a Penis

family-eating-dinner2-lgLAFAYETTE, LA – Last Monday while enjoying dinner with his family, Lafayette resident Nicholas Osborn was taken back when his 5 year old son began explaining to him how God created the earth.  Immediately realizing that he could have only been taught such beliefs at school, Osborn took the time to call the school principle to ask whether or not creationism was included in the school curriculum.  After being assured that the school was not a religious institution, it became clear that his sons 1st grade teacher was witnessing the class.  Therefore, yesterday Osborn sent him the letter below, which explained that religion is much like a penis.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

At the dinner table this past Monday my son was explaining to me creationism, which I understand is not apart of the standard curriculum.  Therefore, I assume that you are a believer and feel it necessary to pass your beliefs down to your students.  While I completely understand why you are doing this, I’m requesting that you stop.  Simply because religion is like a penis.  You see, it’s fine to have one – many people do.  While many of them are different, they all serve the same purpose.  And it is completely fine to be proud of it; I am very much so about mine!  However, it can be quite off putting when you are to public about it.  So PLEASE, stop trying to shove it down my sons throat.


Mr. Osborn

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