Writer Who Doesn’t Take Himself to Seriously Doesn’t Like to Play Around

Kulikov_Writer_E.N.Chirikov_1904 CHICAGO, IL – Fredrick Gatsenburg, a freelance journalist living in downtown Chicago, has never considered himself one to take himself to seriously.  “I’ve always believed that to be a great writer you need to be laid back”, said Gatsenburg in a recent TSW interview.  “If you are too wrapped up in yourself you get distracted.  And to be a good writer takes clear and honest thought – allowing yourself to write for opportunity instead of ego.”   In today’s current economy, though, freelance writing has become more difficult of a profession to support oneself with.  Especially with many free publications, such as blogs and online papers, offering the same information as paid subscription sites.  However, Gatsenburg has turned down multiple opportunities to write as a contributor for select publications – largely out of pride.  “Writing is a skill, a craft, an art.  We writers pour blood and sweat through our pens to illuminate the inherent complexity of life through the vantage points of intellectuals, academics, and commoners combined”, said Gatsenburg.  “And doing so is a tediously difficult and mentally exhausting job, so why would I freely contribute?  I’m a professional writer, and my time is worth the same as, if not more than, any other professional!”  Towards the end of the interview TSW asked him whether he would consider writing some short articles for their website, to which he responded they were lucky enough to get his time.

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