Anti-Materialst Teenager Dresses Meticulously to Exemplify His Beliefes YORK, NEW YORK – The consumer mindset has become dominant across all cultures in the modern world.  Cars, clothes, jets, and jewels are what most people use as their motivators – hoping that one day they will have worked hard enough to acquire such indicators of success.

Meanwhile there is a subculture.  An underground movement that opposes consumer culture.  People who are appalled by the thought of others spending all their time and money chasing a meaningless image that proves fruitless in the end.  While the people who have stood up against this mainstream madness are of different creeds and backgrounds, though, it is really easy to recognize them because they all meticulously dress themselves to exemplify their beliefs.

Cut-off jackets stitched with Rock & Roll band patches, colorful Mohawks and gauged piercings, these are the rebels who have stood up against pop-culture.  The ones who have taken a stand by saying, “We don’t care how we look! And we don’t care what you think of us!” They are the revolutionaries who have gone out of their way to show how much they don’t care about their appearances or reputations by investing their time and money in tattoos and hair-dye over business suits and designer shoes.

Struggling musician and well-known conspiracy theorist Cornelius Marx (real name unknown) has always found refuge in this subculture, saying it has allowed him to escape from an atheistically concerned world.  “You’ll never find me wearing that over priced designer s**t because I buy all my skinny jeans, tank tops, and old sweaters at local thrift shops,” commented Marx at what he said was a really hip and not well know coffee house in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  “It’s just good to know that there are other people out there who minds aren’t clouded with meaningless things like material possessions and conformity – but at the same time are easily recognizable since we all dress the same.”

Having grown up in a upper-middle class family, Marx new from an early age that he was not one for the main stream.  “I just knew that I did care about what my teachers, parents, or government thought of me.  So I ended up spending the majority of my time figuring out how to piss them off.”  Furthermore, living in such a privileged setting during his youth drove him to developing such an aversion to material possessions, he now goes out of his way to obtain only things that are not material – like guitars and clothing that looks old and worn in.

Currently the lead guitarist and singer for the industrial metal band Death Train, Marx is quite vocal about his love for music and objection to the music industry.  “It is just disgusting that everyone these days in it for the money instead of the passion.”  However, earlier this week Marx said that he is looking for a new base player since the band would never be able to make it big with their current bassist.

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