Amateur DJ Totally Forgot to Charge iPhone for First Gig

hipstersBOSTON, MA – Amateur DJ and Boston University student Charles Base confidently made his way to his first gig at a house party in Allston Village, only to discover upon arrival that he had totally spaced on charging his iPhone the night before.  “Well this is awkward”, said Base to the party’s host, a fellow classmate who he had promised that he’d DJ the gathering for free.  Being offered a computer on which he could just YouTube all the songs he was planning to play, Base became noticeably frustrated upon realizing that he didn’t in fact know the names of the songs or artists who made-up his iTunes’ library – largely due to him having copied his favorite playlists from his older brothers computer just weeks earlier.  Panicked, Base soon began asking if anyone had an iPhone 5 charger that he could please borrow for just, like, 5 minutes; however, his eyes glazed over from shock upon realizing that everyone around him could only afford PBR, Cosack, and iPhone 4’s.  While the night was undoubtedly over for Base, approximately 80% of the other party goers conceded that they too were in fact amateur DJ’s and would happily share their gift with everyone, free of charge.  Thus, a line of cell phones were soon set next to the speaker jack, each one cued with a popular song that everyone had probably heard before.  Meanwhile, all the aspiring artists talked amongst themselves about how if they weren’t, like, in college and stuff, they totally would have tried to become professional DJ’s.

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