Under Armor Debuts New Clothing Technology that Builds Muscle

The Salty Wag

4:30am – CHICAGO – Consumers anxiously line up at local sporting stores to be the first persons to purchase Under Armor’s newest product, The Commitment Shirt®.  Featuring the company’s latest technology, which promotes muscle growth for the wearer, this is no ordinary athletic garment.
After years of market research and product development, Under Armor CEO, Kevin Plank, feels that his team has struck oil.  “For years we’ve consistently received customer complaints.  One message that has been regularly received, though, was that our products weren’t delivering customers the fitness results they desired.  This inspired me to pull together the team, brainstorm, and develop The Commitment Shirt®”, said Plank during an interview at the company’s Baltimore headquarters last week.
Many are still skeptical of the shirt’s muscle building ability.  Even though data collected from product testers has shown results far surpassing expectations.  In summary, testers who wore the shirt at least three times…

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