Husband Feels Betrayed After Catching Mistress Cheating On Him

4496548472_231aba7633NEW YORK, NEW YORK – “How could she?” New York resident Jack Asporo asked himself while looking longingly out his bedroom window.  “How could she do this to us?”  Just hours earlier Asporo had received news from his wife – who is unaware that for the past year her husband’s secretary has been his mistress – that she had seen his secret lover go home with a co-worker the night before.

“It was like a punch in the gut, taking the wind right out of me” said Asporo with a dumbfounded expression.  Never before did he believe that someone could be so cold, so cruel, so ruthless towards another’s emotions.  “And it’s not only that she is cheating on me, but that she doesn’t even have the courage to tell me herself”, with empty eyes he lowered his head and quietly murmured, “and that I had to hear it from someone else.”

Thinking back on all the good times, like when he told his family that he was going to play poker with the guys but instead screwed his secretary in the back seat of his car, or when he missed his sons birthday because he had to “go away on business”, Asporo just can’t understand how his secretary could throw all they had away for something as whimsical as a hook-up.

“Maybe I’m over reacting, but now it feels like it was all for nothing – like she never even cared.”

Coming out of his trance like state of shock, Asporo considered firing the busty 19 year old for breaking his heart, only to remember that it wasn’t an option – due to her being his bosses daughter.  “I guess that I’m just going to act like nothing has happened, as if I don’t even know – it is going to hurt, acting like nothing is wrong around someone you love.  But what choice do I have?”

Soon asked by his wife why he seemed so troubled, he nonchalantly came out of his grief to reply, “nothing honey, just trouble at the office.”

In Other News:

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