Power-Ball Winner Claims She Couldn’t Have Won Without God On Her Side

richest-lottery-winner-Louise-WhiteBOSTON, MA – “I was in absolute shock, speechless, but thankful when the last number was read”, said Judith O’Conner, life long Boston resident and recent Power-Ball winner of $336,400,000.  “I just knew that after my 48 years of faith it wasn’t luck that won me the Power-Ball, it was HIM.”

O’Conner (68) has been a member of the Allston Community Baptist Church for almost half a century now and is simply touched by the Almighty’s gesture of allowing her to be a lottery winner.  Now a mega millionaire, the grocery clerk looks back upon her last 48 years of prayer and buying weekly lotto tickets as proof that both hard work and dedication pays off in the long run.

“Hard work is worthless without a dedication, and dedication is impossible without hard work”, commented O’Conner to reporters at her winning ceremony.  “I mean look at me – I dedicated my life to God, invested my hard earned money into lotto tickets despite everyone telling me that I was wasting my time, and 48 years later I’m a millionaire!”

Being explained to by attendees how remarkably lucky she was to have won due to her odds having been 1 in 276,000,000 – O’Conner simply smiled and explained that it has nothing to do with luck, but faith.  However, once told that last months winner had in fact been an outspoken atheist, she uncomfortably suggested that maybe God just wanted to prove to him that He really was up there.

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