Young Adult Finds Hope for Future in Meaningless Images and Extremely Generic Advice

BOSTON, MA – With his head held high and a feeling of invincibility, Boston University student Henry Burnett currently believes that he is part of a generation that has limitless potential after viewing a few extremely random pictures in an article titled “How to Get the Most from Your 20’s”.  Admitting to having not taken the time to read the actual article but instead just view the images and scan over a section header or two, Burnett is now surging with enthusiasm for the next ten years of his life after being suggested to that they should just be about sex, finding what makes him most happy in life, and trying to emulate celebrities.

“Sometimes you come across something that just clicks, you know?  It’s like you knew it all along but just needed to be reaffirmed”, comment Burnett.  “Well that’s how I felt after seeing this picture of some random kid walking up a tree captioned, “Take the Time to Travel””


Take the Time to Travel

Burnett say that he often finds inspiration from these types of images and well known opinions that truly have no relation to one another.  “Just the other day I was completely torn while thinking about what to do with my life – but then I came across this picture captioned “Pursue Your Goals” and started to feel a lot better!”

Follow Your Dreams

Pursue Your Goals

“It’s just so overwhelming to think about the future sometimes.  Everyone telling you that you’re going to have to get serious and that the fun’s going to end.  So it’s just good to be reaffirmed that even when you’re in your 20’s it’s important to not forget how to have fun.”

Always Remember to How Have Fun

Always Remember to How Have Fun

Despite his seemingly uncrushable positivity, sources reported at press time that Burnett had been spotted sulking in his bedroom like any normal student would after reading a Buzzfeed post titled, “20 Economic Changes that Will F*** You”.

Always Be Adventurous

Always Be Adventurous

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