Business Student Forgets Million Dollar Idea After Celebrating the Idea

Hungover-teacherBOSTON, MA – After asking to remain anonymous, John, a Northeastern Business student reportedly had an idea the other day that he and his friends considered to be worth a million bucks.  Regrettably, though, none of them can remember what that idea was after throwing a party in celebration of John’s soon to come fortune.  “Literally, it was, like, brilliant”, commented John.  “It was a way to help prevent car accidents, or make laptops more affordable – aahhh! it was something like that.”

When the idea came to mind just yesterday evening, instead of writing it down, John sent out a group text to all his friends explaining that he’s going to be a millionaire and a celebration was much needed.  “Within an hour I was throwing up, and within two hours I had completely forgotten what we were celebrating.”

However John reports that this has been a true learning experience for him.  And that such life lessons as “don’t count your chicks before they hatch” and “ideas are worth a dime a dozen” hold a more familiar meaning now.  “Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose – that’s what business is all about”, said the soon to graduate senior.  At lease now I’ve learned another the valuable business lesson!

At press time John and his friends were seen planning another party to help him feel better that his business plan wouldn’t in fact come to fruition.

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