Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to Star In Reality TV Series

HT_rolling_stone_cover_Dzhokhar_Tsarnaev_thg_130717_v4x3_16x9_992NEW YORK, NEW YORK – In the midst of the controversy caused by Rolling Stone magazine featuring the alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on their upcoming issue, word has come out that the alleged terrorist has also been offered an opportunity from MTV to star in his own reality TV series.

The show is said to premier in October and be named “From Biology to Bombing: How a popular, handsome, and promising student was failed by his family, fell into radical Islam, became a monster, and captured Americas heart”  However, besides exposing the true life of Tsarnaev in an emotional series which exemplifies an internal struggle between identity and culture, producers say that the main inspiration behind creating the show was to find out what could possibly motivate a person to committing such a monstrous crime.

“Look, we are really looking forward to getting to work with Tsarnaev because of his unique rise to fame and edgy style; however, even though it will be a fun and entertaining show – on which there will be an impressive list of celebrity guests – the real purpose of the show is to try to learn why Tsarnaev, and those before him, thought there could possibly be glory in his actions”, commented MTV’s executive producer Jeremy Aire.

Unable to speak with Tsarnaev directly, reporters were able to collect from his Twitter feed that he is very thankful for the opportunity to work MTV and believes it will be both a learning opportunity for himself, as well as America.  However, due to the showing not coming out for few a months, our nations quickest wits will “put Tsarnaev in his place” on a Comedy Central Roast, August 10th.

In Other News:

– Tsarnaev Reality Show Pre Ordered by Chechen Radicals

– Liberals Declare New Series an Example of American Tolerance

– Conservatives Declare New Series an Example of American Tolerance



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