US Government Cracks Down On People Who Inform the Public of What’s Happening

government-leaksWASHINGTON, DC – As reported by the New York Times and affirmed by former US Director of National Security Dennis C. Blair, in the four years leading to 2009 there had been 153 cases of government information being leaked referred to the Justice Department; however, not one of these cases led to an indictment.

“This was pretty shocking to me, said Mr. Blair.  “I mean, we are a government by the people, for the people.  So why aren’t those who inform the people about what we are up to being persecuted?”

Due to Mr. Blair’s strong belief that all programs and decisions the tax payers fund shouldn’t be know of by the tax payers, both he and the Obama administration have been working restlessly to create much more severe punishments for government leakers.  However, they hope that they will find at least one person to really screw over as an example for the rest soon.

“We were hoping to get somebody and make people realize that there are consequences to this and it needed to stop”, said Blair in a recent meeting.

The current administration has had much success in creating new consequences pertaining specifically to leakers, with an addendum stating that these same consequences may apply to anyone they choose.  A recent example of such success was a legal victory last Friday when a federal appeals court sided with the Justice Department’s complaint that the First Amendment was a little outdated, and shouldn’t protect reporters from having to share their source of information that is suspected of being leaked.

“At the end of the day though, we believe our best chance, and the strategy we will go with, is to just start prosecuting as many people as possible.  This way people leakers will start to get scared, and stop sharing the information that pertains to the citizens it will effect.

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