Student Run Start-Up Not Actually Starting Anything

mentor-dinner-0155BOSTON, MA – Recently recognized in his school’s news paper for having incorporated a company with two fellow peers, Boston University student Charles Base is now the President and CEO of Worth Landing Business Group, a student run start up that is likely to never start anything.

“We are looking for companies to work with who are interested in exploring both creative and progressive business strategies that we believe might improve their business functions and build us a solid network of contacts throughout various industries”, Base mentioned during an executive meeting at Blue State Cafe.

With a website on the way and a logo that they believe really projects a “professional image”, Base and his co-founders have already been distributing business cards to friends and professionals – saying that their company offers innovative strategies for a variety of industries.  Additionally, when asked about their credentials, they confidently explain that they have all been raised in business minded families, as well as are business majors in college.

After becoming legitimized entrepreneurs by paying the couple hundred dollar state incorporation fee, the start up received it’s first contract from one of the founders fathers, who has asked Worth Landing to analyze one of his companies and report on what they think about it.

“This is a great opportunity for us.  Even though unpaid, it is giving us the opportunity to start building a portfolio, as well as be a first contact for all of us on one of the industries we are look to advise – hopefully if he likes what we think he will recommend us to his friends too!”

However, at press time one of the co-founders had called his partners to explain that he would not be able to make it to this weeks meeting – but instead had to attend an interview for a job.

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