Student Hit by Car While Reading A Fortune Cookie

ambulance_zoomEarlier this morning after having breakfast at Allston’s Super88 market, local Boston student Susan Young was rushed to the Emergency Room after being hit by a Taxi while crossing Commonwealth Avenue.

The driver, cab #347, reported that Young had walked into the flow of traffic while reading what seemed to be a “small slip of paper.”

“She stepped right in-front of me when the light was green,” said the driver. “I had no time to stop.”

By the time Young had regained consciousness officials were just arriving, at which point they then agreed to call an ambulance. However, one officer found a fortune cookie fortune laying next to Young that read:

“Big things are coming your way”

“Lucky numbers: 347, 19, 7”.

After the ambulance had arrived, the taxi driver was let go with no charges due to the accident being caused by both Young and luck.

San Francisco Taxi Cab Number 347-2005.05.15-20.00.34In Other News:

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