Religion Startup Seeking Seed Stage Followers

NEW YORK CITY – Having successfully organized in secrett over the last year, the startup religion VYCISM® has announced today that they are actively recruiting their first round of seed stage followers.

“Over the past 12-months we have been focused primarily on solidifying our scripture and honing in on an effective marketing strategy”, commented VICISM® founder and leader Marcus Blanché. “We are happy with the progress we’ve made to date and believe it’s time to move into beta.”

The concept for VYCISM® came to Blanché soon after leaving Humbolt State University in 2011. It had become clear to him that most persons in the 16 to 25-year age demographic were interested in pursuing a faith but felt limited to either Rastafarianism or Buddhism. Many of whom began with Rastafarianism before growing into Buddhism, much like how the Cartoon Network loses their audience to Comedy Central. He soon after began developing his VYC strategy to capitalize on such an undersupplied market with international growth potential.

“Our goal from day one was to develop a faith that is dynamic with its followers. And we see this as a strength against our competitive set, due to the older faiths being a bit too demanding and limiting for the modern person.” “The market was missing something that offered a looser interpretation of morals and ethics with a greater advocacy for acceptance.”

While the young faith is now actively recruiting, they are also spending a significant amount of time protecting their internal materials. At their current stage, there is a true danger that early followers may see their model as replicable and try a spin off. As such happened in the 16th century when various groups of Roman Catholics decided they could more easily make it on their own – resulting in Anabaptism, Protestantism, and Anglicanism.

“Instead of heading down a more traditional path of setting up church establishments, VYCISM® will be tailored for the digital age. Our Twitter account and Hashtag @Tweetsfromabove allows followers to pray interactively and demonstrate their faith from the comfort of their mobile device.”

An app is rumored to currently be underdevelopment as well. And even though they did not disclose any primary functions of the program, they did assure that it would always be running in the background.

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